About the Numbers of the Bible


God invented numbers and all of their properties like prime and non-prime numbers and used them in His Word.  He used His numbers  as a framework to design many of His great acts in the Bible.  For example, God is One and He used this number to create a One concept for numbering His mighty acts in the Bible using the number:

1 - and the

1+1 - sequence with attributes such as a

Bible Number +1 sequence -  that God used to construct a series of numbers that He used in His Word

The books of the Bible Number Series will reveal to the reader the subject matter that God numbered and the variety of ways that God employed His One Concept in the Bible numbers.

 The Bible number series explores how God used His numbers to number :

His various numbering methods  which are found in the book "Biblical Mathematics".

To number  His creation of the earth, which is found in the book "How Yahweh numbered Creation"

To number the nations that He created, which is found in the book "Yahweh Numbers the Nations"

To number His prophecies in the Bible, which are found in the book " Prophetic Numbers of the Bible"

To number His Sanctuaries in the Bible, which are found in the books "Yahweh's Temple Numbers and Yahweh's Temple in Ezekiel"

To number His creation of the heavens, which is found in the book "How Yahweh Numbered the Heavens"

 These subject matters and more are covered in the  books of the "Bible Numbers Series:






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