Methods of the 2+1 Sequence


 When God commanded Israel in the Bible, He used the 3rd prime (the number 3) extensively. God used this 3rd prime to create the heavens and the earth as illustrated in the book “How Yahweh Numbered Creation”. The 3rd prime is a master prime that God has used throughout the Bible. When the Biblical examples of the number 3 are viewed from a numerical perspective the 2+1 sequence of 3 is revealed. The Biblical examples of the 2+1 sequence are arranged in two parts. One part contains the sequential examples of the 2+1 sequence. In these example, the action of the  event are in sequence.

In the non-sequential examples of the 2+1 sequence, the action is not sequential.. In these examples, God delays the +1 part of the sequence to some later time. In these examples, the number three is delayed for a dramatic highlight.


Sequential  2+1 Sequences in the Bible

Non Sequential 2+1 Sequences in the Bible