How God used a Number to Frame a Series of Biblical Events

 God invented numbers and used them in His word.  He used numbers  as a framework to design many of His great acts in the Bible.  In  the following example, God used a numbering techniques that I call His " One number design". In this example, God used the 3rd prime which is the number 3 as a framework to determine the major events in the life of Christ..


Christ and the Third Sanctuary in Israel

After He was born Jesus was dedicated to God in the 3rd Sanctuary (see "Yahweh Temple Numbers").


His Ministry and the 3rd Sanctuary

When He began His public ministry, He was tempted by Satan 3 times.  Satan took Him to the 3rd temple to tempt Him.  The 3rd temple was the 3rd place He was taken to be tempted by Satan.

He taught in the 3rd Sanctuary many times

He performed many miracles in the 3rd Sanctuary

He performed His first  miracle on the 3rd  day by turning water into wine

Last Supper was the 3rd Passover of His public ministry

He prayed 3 times in the Garden of Gethsemane before trial


His Trial

They Began to persecute Him on the 3rd hour of the day

He prophesied that Peter would deny Him 3 times

He spent 3 hours - going before 3 different judges


High Priest




He made court appearance in 3 Roman courts




Pilate - His appearance in the 3rd Roman court was His last because Pilate sentenced Him to death


His Crucifixion

On His cross was Written King of the Jews written in 3 languages.


He was the 3rd of 3 prisoners  crucified together


 There were 3 hours of darkness

Jesus spent 3 hours on the cross

Yahshua died at 3 pm - during the 6th hour of his ordeal

There were 3 supernatural signs related to His crucifixion


Darkness was upon the land

 Veil of the Holy of Holies was torn\

There was an  earthquake


His Resurrection

He rose on the 3rd Da

Three followers came to His burial site on the 3rd day




There were 3 at His burial site on the 3rd day  



Jesus Christ


His Appearances


The 3rd time He appeared, He asked Peter 3 times if He loved Him and commanded Him 3 times

His Ascension

There were 3 divine ones at His ascension site


Jesus Christ



At His Ascension He instructed His disciples to Preach the Word and to baptize believers in the name of 3:

The Father

The Son

The Holy Spirit


This is just a small example of the type of numbering that God has done in His Word throughout the Bible. God used His numbers to give many of His Great Acts in the  a numerical framework as He acted. The numerical framework of the Bible's Great miracles and prophecies are detailed in the books of the "Bible Number Series"





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