"Prophetic Numbers of the Bible” is the fourth of eight books in the “Bible Numbers Series”

This book explores the numbers that God used in His prophecies in the Bible. Explore the numbers and the techniques that God has used to number His Word in  prophecies over thousands of years.

·        Use of the Sacred Calendar in Prophecy

·        A Biblical Time Chart based on the  Sacred Calendar

·        Numbers to Time His Prophecies

·        Numbers for the Duration of prophecies

·        Genealogy of Christ

·        The Timing of His Coming

·        The Duration of His ministry

·        His Death an Resurrection


This book also explores the numbers that He used in His prophetic time formula “a time times + a half of time”. Learn how the numbers of this prophetic term is related to other numbers in prophecy.

 Discover the amazing ways He has numbered the various prophecies found in the book of Revelation, such as:

·        Numbering those around His  Throne

·        Numbering the Appearance of Christ

·        Numbering the Book of Prophecy

·        Numbering the Prophecies of the Book


 This book shows how He has used the numbers of the  “Prophetic Time Chart” to also number Biblical prophecies related to nations in modern times like the restoration of the nation of Israel. All of this is detailed in the book "Prophetic Numbers of the Bible”