"How Yahweh Numbered the Heavens” is the seventh of  eight books in the “Bible Numbers Series”

This book explores how God in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is in the heaven of Heavens decided to create and number His creation of the heavens in the Bible. Yahweh is One.  Explore how He used His being one to number the heavens. Explore the numbers and the +1 sequence that He used to number His Word when He numbered the heavens. This book explores:

·        His use of His One Concept to number

·        His numbering of the atoms and elements of create matter

·        His creation of the sun and moon

·        His creation of the earth in the heavens

·        His creation of the solar system

·        The Kingdom of Heaven and its warfare in the heavens

·        The fate of the heavens that He created

·        The new Heavens and the earth

·        The eternal light of the new heavens

Explore the parameters that the God used to number:


 The parameters of galaxies using His +1 sequences


        The grouping of the planets in our solar system


        Pairing of the planets of the solar system


        How He numbered size of the Planets in our solar system


        How He numbered the moons of the planets in our solar system


  The fate of the heavens

This book briefly explores the war in heaven and its spreading to the earth.   The Bible notes that God will end the heavens that we currently see. God will number these heavens to and end. In this book you will discover that God will create a new heaven and a new earth. This book also explores the numbers and some of the parameters from the Bible that God has said about the new Heavens. The Bible notes that these new Heavens are eternal. These are the eternal heavens in the “Paradise of God”.