Yahweh's Temple Numbers

Table of Contents

List of Tables xi

List of Figures xiii

Introduction XV


CHAPTER 1 The Temple in Heaven  17

Yahweh’s Throne in His Temple  18

Yahweh is One  24

The +1 Sequences  26

The One Concept Numbering Method – Adding the + 1 Sequences  27

The Ways Yahweh Numbered His Sanctuary  29



CHAPTER 2 The First Sanctuary - The Tabernacle  31

The Pattern for the Tabernacle  32

Offerings for Building the Tabernacle  33

The First Sacred Item of the Tabernacle - The Ark  35

The Second Sacred Item of the Tabernacle - The Table  39

The Third Sacred Item of the Tabernacle - The Golden Candle Stick  42

Summary for the First Three Sacred Items of the Tabernacle  52

Structure of the Tabernacle  53

Veil for the Holy of Holies  70

Pillars of the Tabernacle  71

The Fourth Sacred Item for the Tabernacle -The Altar of Sacrifice  73

Summary for the Construction of the Tabernacle  76

The fifth Sacred Item of the Tabernacle - The Altar of Incense  77

Veil and Pillars of the Tabernacle Entrance  80

The Sixth Sacred Item of the Tabernacle - The Laver of Brass  81

Overall Design of the Sacred items of the Tabernacle  83

The Overall Design of the Tabernacle Complex  86

The 6+1 Designs  88

6+1 Entrances of the Sanctuary  94




CHAPTER 3 Tabernacle Service  99

Anointing and Consecrating the Priest  100

How God Numbered the Tribes around the Tabernacle  108

Setting up the Tabernacle for Service  117

Sanctifying the Tabernacle  120

How God numbered His Offerings for the Tabernacle  122

God Establishes His Sacred Calendar for Tabernacle Events  123

Daily Sacrifice of the Sacred Calendar  125

The Sabbath of the Sacred Calendar in the Tabernacle  126

Sequencing of the 3 feasts  141

The Tabernacle in Israel at Shiloh  143



CHAPTER 4 The Second Sanctuary - Solomon’s Temple  157

David Plans to Build a Temple in Jerusalem  157

Yahweh Chose Solomon to Build His Temple  158

Building the Temple  161

Volume Design of the Sanctuary  167

Items inside of the Holy of Holies  169

Items Inside of the Holy Place  171

Molten Sea  177

Bases and the Lavers  178

How God Modified the 6 Sacred Items of the Temple  182

Dedication of the Temple  184

God Enters the Temple  186

Temple During the Reign of the Kings  189

Temple Warnings  201



CHAPTER 5 The Third Sanctuary – Zerubbabel’s Temple  209

Prophecy of the 3rd Temple  209

The Event that Ended the Kingdom of Babylon   213  

Last Kings of Babylon  216

Cyrus’s Decree to Rebuild the Temple  217

Israel Returns to Jerusalem  218

Vessels of the Temple Restored  220

Altar for the Temple  221

Foundations of the Third Temple Laid  223

Enemies of the Third Temple Rise Up  224

Prophecies in the Second Year of Darius –The Temple Work is to be Completed  230

Darius Decree – The 3rd Decree concerning the Third Temple  238

Work on the Temple Completed  242



CHAPTER 6  The Third Sanctuary Desecration and Rebuilding  245

Alexander III  245

Ptolemy Empire Rulers over Israel in era of the Third Temple  246

Seleucid Rulers over Israel  247

The Maccabee Rededication of the Third Temple  249

The Hasmonean Kingdom of Israel during Era of the Third Temple  250

Roman Empire  253

The Third Phase of the Third Temple  254



CHAPTER 7 Jesus Enters the Third Sanctuary  261

Prophecy of Christ and the Third Temple  261

The Third Phase of the Third Temple  264

3rd Lot in the 3rd Temple and Zacharias  265

Jesus Performs More Miracles and Teaches in the 3rd Temple  277

The 3rd Passover of His Ministry  283

The Crucifixion of Jesus  293

Jesus’s Wounds  294

The Effect of Jesus’s Death on the 3rd Temple  295

Jesus Resurrection During the 3rd Passover  298

Dispensation of the Holy Spirit into the Living Temples (1 in 1)  299

An Angel Instructs Peter to go to the Temple and Preach  302

Jesus Prophecy Concerning Jerusalem  315

The Wailing Wall of the Third Sanctuary  322

They Ways Yahweh Numbered His Sanctuaries  322

Living Tabernacles  324



Bible Numbers Books  329









Index  337


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