How Yahweh Numbered the Heavens

Table of Contents

List of Tables XIII

List of Figures XV

Introduction XVII


CHAPTER 1 The Kingdom of Heaven  19

The Everlasting Kingdom in the Heaven of Heavens  19

Yahweh’s Throne in His Temple  22

The Spirits around about the Throne Act as One  23

God’s plan for the Creation of the Earth  26

One Plan for Salvation from the Kingdom of Heaven Before the Creation  27

The One Concept and the Creation of Numbers  33

The One Concept and +1 Sequencing of Bible Numbers  34



CHAPTER 2 How God Numbered the Heavens using His One Concept  39

The First Day - Creation of the Heavens  39

The Heavenly Dimension  43

Yahweh’s Spiritual Power Manifested  45

1+1 - Yahweh’s Power as Elemental Atoms  51

Stretching out the Heavenly Bodies  60

1+1 Sequence and the Design of Heavenly Bodies  64

The Creation Cycles Continues  67

Number of the Heavenly Bodies  68 

Yahweh’s Numbering Power  69

Galactic Core of our Galaxy the Milky Way  74

Summary  77



CHAPTER 3 The First Four Days of Creation  79

The Creation of the Earth in the Heavens  79

The First Day - The Creation of the Earth  80

The Second Day of Creation  86

The Third Day of Creation  87

1+1- Sunlight System Transition  91

One Moon  99

Commanding the Sun and the Moon   101

Creating the Planets of Our Solar System  102

Third Planet  111

How God Numbered the Internal Structure of the Earth  112

How God Numbered the Atmosphere of the Earth  113

The 1+1 Sequence in the Gases of the Atmosphere  113

How God Numbered the Items in the Firmament of the Earth   115

The Four Winds of the Heavens  116 

How God Divided the Earth  117

How God Numbered the Sun Light to Shine upon the Earth  119

The 4 Directions and Sunlight  120

How Yahweh Designed the 4 Seasons for the Earth  120

The Weather of the 4 Seasons  121

Commanding the Elements  122

One Motion to Calculate Time   123

Calendar of Biblical Time  125

Summary for Inner Planets of the Solar System  129



CHAPTER 4 How God Numbered the Planets of the Solar System Together  131

How God Numbered the First 4 Planets Together  131

Total Design for the Inner Heavenly Bodies  139

The Asteroid Belt  140

The Four Gas Giants  141

The Kuiper Belt  149



CHAPTER 5 How God Numbered the 8 Planets of the Solar System Together  151

3+1- How God Paired the Sizes of the 8 Planets  151

3+1- How God Numbered the Pairs with Respect to Size and Sequence  155

3+1- How God Paired the Axis Tilts of the 8 Planets  157

3+1- How God Paired the Gravity of the 8 Planets  158

How God Paired the Density of the 8 Planets  161

3+1- How God Paired the Rotations of the 8 Planets  163

3+1- How God Paired the Composition of the 8 Planets  165

3+1- How God Numbered the Moons of the 8 Planets  166

3+1- How God Numbered the Orbits of the 8 Planets around the Sun  169

1+1 Design Summary  177

1+1- Overall layout of the Solar System  177

1+1- How God Numbered the two sets of Planets  179

Grand Areas Design  181

1+1- Grand Design for the Orbiting of the Groups of the Galaxy  182

How God Sequenced the 8 Planets as 7+1  183

How God Numbered the Days He Worked on the Heavens  188

One Concept  191

Yahweh Finishes His Creation of the Heavens  192



CHAPTER 6 The Kingdom of Heaven Versus the Kingdom of Satan  195

Angels from the Kingdom of Heaven Enter the Earth  195

War in Heaven  200

The Prince of this World  201

The 4 Spirits of the Heavens Fight against the 4 Kingdoms of the Beast  210

One Messiah from the Kingdom of Heaven  212

One Day to the Kingdom of Heaven  234



CHAPTER 7 Prophecies about the fate of the Heavens and the Earth241

Prophecies from the Kingdom of Heaven about the Earth  241

God Numbers the War of the Heavens to an End  253

The Kingdom of Heaven Prepares for War  259

The Battle of Armageddon and the Fate of the Beast and the False Prophet  261

The Fate of the Satan - The Dragon  263

1 -Thousand Year Reign with Christ  265

2 - Season of Satan  266

Return of Jesus from Heaven for Judgment  267

God Will Numbers the Heavens to an End  269



CHAPTER 8 The Third Era -the New Heavens and the New Earth  273

Establishing the Everlasting Kingdom - The Completion of the Plan for Salvation  273

1 for 1 - New Heavens and New Earth  276

1 for 1 - The New Heavenly Light of the Third Era  279

Summary  285



Bible Numbers Books  289









Appendix A   297

The Four Spirits of the Heavens   297

Biblical Examples of the 3+1 Sequence  300


Appendix B  317

Biblical Examples of the 7+1 Sequence  317


Appendix C  325

Extra Large Numbers  325

Appendix D   327

Biblical Time and the 3+1 Sequence  327

A Day of the Sacred Calendar in the Bible  327

The Bible . Prophetic Time Formula-A Time Times + a Half of Time  337


Appendix E   347


Appendix F  359


Index  367



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