Yahweh Numbers the Nations

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CHAPTER 1 How Yahweh Numbered the Patriarchs  23

The Arithmetic of Bible Numbers  24

Numbering People -The Number of Israel  26

The 12+1=13 Sequence of a Series  30

The First Group of 12+1=13 Patriarchs  31

9. Noah  34

The First Group of 12+1=13 Patriarch’s Continue after the Flood  44

The Second Group of 12+1=13 (Genesis 11:17)  44

The Ways Yahweh Numbered the Nations in the Bible  62



CHAPTER 2 How Yahweh Numbered His Deliverance of Israel from Egypt  77


The 3rd Generation of Levi’s Descendants  78

How God Numbered Egypt with Ten Plagues  82

Israel Journeys to Mount Sinai  88

Israel Meets Yahweh at Mount Sinai  92



CHAPTER 3 The Promised Land  101

How Yahweh Numbered the Land  101

Relative Nations –Established by God  102

God Numbers Israel for War  102

Israel Crosses the Jordan River into the Promised Land  106

How Yahweh Numbered 7 Nations to War and Destruction  107

Borders of the Promised Land  122

How God Numbered the Distribution of the Land for Tribes  123

How God Numbered the Cities of Refuge for the Nation  135

Drawing Lots for the Cities of the Levites  136

Seven Events for distributing the land  138

Seven Special Cities for the Nation  139

Seven Major Nations that Bordered Israel on Three sides in the Bible  140

Re-Numbering the Tribes of Israel  140

The Nations God left in the Promised Land  144

The 7 Nations Dwelling Together in the Promised Land  146

The Second Group of 12+1=13 Patriarchs Continues  147



CHAPTER 4 How God Numbered the Judges and Kings of Israel  149


The Judges  150

How Yahweh Numbered the Kings of Israel  154

Era of the Kings of Israel  155

The Third group of 12+1 =13 Patriarchs  158

David  159

The Kingdom of Israel  166

Dynasties of Israel  175

Kingdom of Judah  177

The Babylonian Captivity of Israel  182

Sons of Josiah  186



CHAPTER 5 How Yahweh Numbered the Ancient Empires of the Bible as they Interacted with Israel and Judah  189


Assyrian Empire Interacts with the Kingdom of Israel  189

Three Major Empires that Clashed  193

Egyptian Empire Interacts with Judah  193

Persian Empire Defeats the Median Empire  199

Persian Empire Defeats the Babylonian Empire  200

Israel’s Return from Exile the First Time  209

Alexander III Defeats the Persian Empire  211

The Hasmonean Kingdom of Israel  219

Roman Empire  222

Roman Empire Interacts with Israel  222

House of Herod  224

Roman Empire Interacts with Macedonian Empire  224

Roman Empire Interacts with the Seleucid Kingdom  225

Roman Empire Interacts with the Ptolemy Kingdom of Egypt  227


CHAPTER 6 How Yahweh Numbered the Empires from Ancient Rome to the Ottoman Empire  231

Roman Republic  231

The Roman Empire  233

Israel Revolts against the Roman Empire  234

Roman Empire Rulers Continue  236

Western Roman Empire Rulers  239

Visigoths  239

Vandals  240

Western Roman Emperors Continue  241

Arab Empire  243

Ottoman Empire  248

Byzantine Palaiologan Dynasty  250

Ottoman Empire Rulers Continued  251

How God Numbered the Sons of the Ottoman Rulers 253



CHAPTER 7 Numbering the Nations from the Holy Roman Empire to the Colonial Empires of Europe  259

The Rise of the Holy Roman Empire in the West  259

Carolingian Empire (800-912)  260

Otto I -Holy Roman Empire (First German Empire)  264

How God Numbered the Sons of the Holy Roman Rulers  269

The Global Colonial Empires of Europe  273

Spanish Rulers  274

Portugal  277

British Empire  278

How God Numbered the Sons and Daughters of the British Rulers  282

France  287

French Revolution  289

France’s First Empire  291

The German Confederation  293



CHAPTER 8 How Yahweh Numbered the Empires to World War I  295


Germany’s First Empire  296

France’s Second Empire  296

Germany’s Second Empire  297

The 3 Empires of "The Triple Alliance"  298

The 3 Empires of the "Triple Entente"  299

World War I  300

Seven Nations Spark for War  302

How Yahweh Numbered the Rulers of the United States  308

World War I - 3rd Rulers  314



CHAPTER 9 How Yahweh Numbered the Nations to World War II  317


Chancellors of Germany after World War I   317

Presidents of Germany after World War I   319

Germany’s Third Empire  320

Three Major Axis Powers  322

Big 3 of the Allies  322

Poland  324

France’s 3rd Republic (French Empire)  325

British Empire Prime Ministers after World War I  327

Germany’s Third Empire Invasions  328

Russian Empire’s Activity in World War II  332

Italian Empire Rulers in World War II  333

Japanese Empire in World War II  335

The 3rd Group of 13 U.S. Presidents leading up to World War II  337

The Nuclear Age  338

World War II - 3rd Rulers  341



CHAPTER 10 How God Numbered the Restoration of the Nation of Israel   343


The First 6+1 Series - Times of the Judgesv  344

The Second 6+1 Series – Egypt -Babylonian to Hasmonean Times  345

The Third 6+1 Series  346

How Yahweh Numbered the Nations to War in the Middle East  349

Complete List of Prime Ministers of Israel  359

Conflict over the Three Territories Continues (Today)  360



CHAPTER 11 Era of the Nuclear Super Powers and their Third World Wars   363


The United States  364

Rise of the Russian Communist Party  366

China    3 70

The Rise of Communist China after World War II  371

India  373

Pakistan  377

The Nuclear Super Powers and the Cold War  379

Middle East 911 Response Wars  384

Iran  389

Nuclear Summary  390

Nuclear Rivalries  391

The Three Emerging Nuclear Rivalries  391

Judgment of the Nations 393

Yahweh is Watching the Nations   396



Bible Numbers Books 399










Satan and Bible Numbers  407


Appendix A  413

U.S. Presidents Numbers  413

How God Numbered the Political Parties  416

Appendix B  421

Middle East Rulers that Interacted with Israel  421


Appendix C  427

Russian Czars  427


Appendix D  437

China  437

The Rise of Communist China and World War II  439



Index   443



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