biblical math 


Biblical Mathematics

The Numbers in the Word of God

Author: Charles E. Rhone  Sr.

ISBN: 9780970256935

Dimensions: 7x10

Pages: 350

Table of Contents


"Biblical Mathematics" is the first of seven books in the "Bible Numbers Series"

This book emphasizes that Yahweh is the "Ultimate Mathematician" and is the creator of all numbers and mathematics. This book explores how He used His numbers to number His Word in the Bible. Therefore, when the great events of the Bible are observed and understood from a numerical perspective, there emerges a group of prime numbers that Yahweh used as He interacted with man and the earth in the Bible. These are the numbers in the word of God and these numbers are important to seeing and understanding God's plan. 

The book "Biblical Mathematics" explores those numbers and how God used them together. This book also details the various numbering methods that God has used when He applied His numbers to the great events of the Bible.

Yahweh is one and He used the number 1 to create a One Concept in numbering. After reading the books on the numbers in the Bible, you will see that Yahweh's One Concept of numbering is found throughout the Bible and the natural world. A detailed accounting of His One concept of numbering and other numbering techniques that He used in the Bible are highlighted in the seven books of the Bible Numbers Series. In the Bible, Yahweh used His numbers to number:




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